Music video: “Yağmur Duası” by Selim Saraçoğlu


It was a long time before the climate change ban, but we weren’t talking about it anyway. Instead, we were talking about “Safe Sex.”

Following the performance shooting in the studio, Özgür Biber, the director of this video, brought me all the footage and three of us (Özgür Biber, Selim Saraçoğlu and myself) sat down together to select the best footage. Through the editing process we almost lived together. A few weeks later we got back to our lives right after uploading this music video on Youtube.

Since it takes days, nights and weeks, it’s very important to enjoy the music you are working on. It’s important to understand each other and the visual elements in the footage. It’s important to hear the rhythm, it’s important to see the notes…

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